Below are additional products and services which can be added to your package of choice. We are more than happy to customise our services so if you have any questions you can fill in the form to get in touch.

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  • Additional photographer

  • Photographer's assistant

  • Videography

  • Digital negatives

    • Large

    • Ready to post to social media

  • Leather parent albums - 6x6"

  • Album and design services

    • 10x10"

    • 12x12"

    • 14x14"

  • Other shaped album

  • Multiple copies of albums

  • Professionally framed photos

  • Canvas prints

  • Split canvas prints

  • Prints

    • 5 x 7.5

    • 6 x 9

    • 8 x 12

    • 18 x12

  • DVD

  • Digital Album - iPad or equivalent album


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