Blog: Faces in Focus

Faces in Focus is a blog dedicated to the cornucopia of colourful individuals that make up New Zealand's Capital and greater landscapes. Foto Diem provides Wedding Photography services based in the Wellington region of New Zealand but travels nationally and abroad for destination weddings as required by their Wedding Couple.

Born Again

Meet Paul - Paul a faithful soldier, calling strangers to safety from unperceived oblivion - has been manning his post for forty six years. His eyes speak of quiet desperation, for but one to hear, as he  riffles  through his selection of pamphlets and  blesses another back turned, smiles and nods in greeting at a sneer, a snub rolling off the sidewalk in disdain at his friendly frame.  Gospel Hall, 163 Vivian street, 163 Vivian street he stresses, just in case one should come back looking, during his absence, for directions escaping shadows to waters where rest is...