When the king didn't believe his dreams

Meet Daniel - Daniel, a mechanic by trade, shares his woes easily. "I can fix any engine you know - take then apart and put them back together again, from a car to a weed eater nothing I can't do" -  he weaves his tale, opening with a motorbike tumble that mangled his spine, leaving him unable to toil within his trade for more than a hour or two on any one day. 

He sprinkles the crumbs to his beloved wife's passing in July and the reams of silver foil packets with various potions that he takes to deal with each day. The recoil is clearly visible in his eyes as he mutters: "It's the worst around the special days you know ... I know if she was here now she would tell me she loves me, but I know I'll see here one day in Heaven" 

His tale of woe ends however with a revelation, a glimmer of hope, as he talks of his attempt to reskill to get a computer based job and his two kids, now independent, doing their own thing.  "I've read the Bible three times from cover to cover he muses, I'm in Daniel at that part where the king didn't believe his dreams and was about to throw him into the lions den ..."

Peter Fraser