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Foto Diem provides Wedding Photography services based in the Wellington region of New Zealand but travels nationally and abroad for destination weddings as required by their Wedding Couple.

Thirdly deliver of specific Albums, Canvases, framed photos etc. Each of these have a specific duration and are usually from the approved decisions made by the couple from the above two deliverables. These deliverables can take anywhere from days to weeks to procure.

Q. Do you post our work on-line?

I can post the photo's to most social media and cloud storage of your preference. I do not Blog my customer's photos unless they have a specific requirement.


Q. Can you produce wedding albums?

Wedding albums are included in some packages - Various options are available and personal taste will greatly affect your preference. I prefer the old style actual photo paper printing as I believe this yields a much better result compared to the magazine type printing available from most of the bulk online options available. I believe presentations is key to the product that I will be happy to put my name to.      


Q. Where are you located?

I am based in Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my photos back?

There are three main deliverables in most wedding packages and these will be dependant on your package, but are: 

- The first is a week after the wedding and will include a photo for the Thank you and some highlights for social media sharing;

- The second is the bulk of the photography and the slideshow presentation, Most commercial "professional photographers" that do wedding photography for a living, put your photos through an automated algorithm which creates 4-6 variants which they then select the ones they like from with minimal effort or as much reduced effort as possible to reduce their outlay and investment of time on your photos. At Foto Diem we believe in the art and treat every photo individually to enhance the very best in each captured moment. We will invest upward of 60h in the typical full day wedding  event after the actual event. From this we then advise our clients to expect their package presentation within 4-6 weeks after the wedding.

- The third deliverable is specific Albums,  

Q. How long will you hold onto our wedding photos.

I always recommend that you back your photos to several secure locations. I may keep some location photos but it is unlikely that I would keep your photo bundle for a prolonged period.

Q. Can our guests take photos during the day?

As your big day we will work with whatever you want -  We can discuss the associated risks and options if you would like. Options are: a technology freeze or if you want cart blanch for guests during specific or all portions of the wedding.

Q. How many photos will be taken during the day?

There is no limit to the number of shots taken, the longer that I am there for the greater the number of shots. I would typically expect to produce from 200 edited images for the basic package.

Q. What equipment do use?

I use high quality Canon L  series professional lenses, Canon DSLRs and Speedlight flashguns. Professional quality equipment in the right hands will produce superior images time after time.

Q. How far will you travel to cover my wedding?

There is no limit to the distance I will travel, packages described above include travel as far at Masterton and the Kapiti Coast, extra mileage is calculated at 87c per km and can be discussed at the time.

Q. Do you do retouching?

I have years retouching experience and apply this knowledge to all of my weddings in post-production with an eye on exceptional images as the outcome. Retouching your photos will remove or blend things like spots, tones and blemishes where necessary using Photoshop and Lightroom. Examples of this can be seen in the Portfolio samples, Additional hours of specialised retouching can be purchased for $50ph.

Q. Do you have a backup photographer if you are ill?

Yes. It will however take a monumentus illness to keep me from turning up on the day.

Q. Why should I choose a professional photographer?

Professional photographers are passionate about what they do - Photography is their art! They invest years in training, in my case close on 20 years, and quality equipment to give them the best outcome time after time. They spend vast amounts of time to ensure that they do your wedding justice. Wedding photography is a challenging genre that mixes virtually all genre' within the photography world - you have fashion, portraiture, character studies, landscapes,  industrial (food and décor) and photo journalism all mixed in with fast passed greatly varying conditions that cannot be recreated - All of this means that your Photographer of choice needs to be dynamic and versatile, unobtrusive but guiding.  

Your wedding will be one of your greatest and most important days in your life and as such it will be an honour for me to be a part of it. I strive to not just capture the events of the day but also the memories and the emotion of the day, keeping engagements light, personable and unobtrusive where possible. 

If you have any questions not answered here please feel free to contact me directly, not only will I answer them but unless you have an objection I will add them to the list of Frequently Asked Questions!