Why choose Us as your wedding photographer?

We know how important wedding photos are and always feel privileged to be a part of anyone's happily ever after story.

For us, being a wedding photographer is more than just taking photos. We will be there to support you on your special day and help things to run smoothly, taking the stress off you and the wedding party.

We also guide you in the lead up to the big day and advise you on some key considerations - what style of photography do you like? What group shots do you want to capture? When is the best light to capture photos of the ceremony?

This ensures that we capture the essence of your day ensuring everything is considered and in place. We believe that luck favors the prepared and as such do our utmost to take all this coordination and stress away from you to capture your picture perfect day.

We are experienced and passionate about wedding photography and know exactly what you need in a wedding photographer

It is as important for us that you get great photos of your day -  we will go out of our way to ensure that you not only get the key moments captured but also the small details that you worked so hard on, multiple angles and the moment which you may not be part of directly but would love to document forever. 

Every wedding has its own character

It is our passion and pride to document the joyous moments that make up your wedding. The first time Dad sees you in your dress, the grooms look seeing the bride walking down the aisle, or your best friends cracking up during the speeches. 

We understand how even the smallest details of a wedding take exceptional thought and consideration and endeavor to capture every feature possible, all while documenting a story of the day overall.

I take my time to understand your vision for your wedding

We want to hear your ideas for the wedding and provide guidance and suggestions in line with our experience from photographing previous weddings. As part of our consultation session we will discuss the wedding location, guests, and ideas for alternative plans if things were to go wrong. We also work out a schedule which allows enough time to capture the important moments, no matter what eventuates. We take special care to ensure we capture photos of most of the guests at the wedding, but put special emphasis on those who are nearest and dearest ones. 

We Use professional Equipment 

We utilize the best Canon lenses available i which include zoom and prime lenses which allow me to capture crystal clear, sharp as a tack images of your day. My Second shooter team are all professionals with professional gear, experienced, focused and well briefed.  We de-risk the entire day knowing and preparing for all the things that can go wrong.

We work for the couple

Helping you as required on the day while striving to keep the mood uptempo and fun. We roll with the dynamics of the day, having planned for any eventualities as they unfold. Our goal is to keep the pressure off the wedding party so that they can relax and enjoy the day - this always make for the best photos.  

Pricing and Budget

We believe every bride and groom deserves to have beautiful memories of their wedding day. We will work closely with you to get the best value out of your budget by tailoring our services to your needs and location. Your wedding is not just another wedding for us.