Typical packages

Customised requests

Packages: Below is a brief breakdown of typical packages and pricing - each of the elements are suggestive and discussed under the FAQ section. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your customised requirements. please note that all prices exclude Gst.

  • Wedding packages - Packages start from as low as $1500.00. Click on package name to see the package detail.

Please request a custom price for your Wedding Quote on the "Customized Quote" tab.

  • Event, Family, Maternity and Infant photography - Click on description name to see the package detail. Please read the FAQ for the package details.
    • Custom                   -    Price by request

Please request a custom quote to suit your Maternity, Family, Toddler or Infant photography - please select the "Customised Quote" tab

  • Other Commissions - Price by request
    • Other commissions include Industrial, Event and Landscape photography